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Quality control is a method, or combination of methods, used to ensure that the service is delivered in accordance with the client’s requirements and quality standards.

Because they are aware of the pitfalls that can befall translators when reading the source text or creating the target language, a professional translator in Dubai would never disregard this aspect of the translation job. It’s normal to make mistakes, and expecting your translation to be flawless once you’re done is just impractical.

Additionally, some clients could offer hazy source texts that might be initially misconstrued. Consequently, reading the text several times is essential to a good translation process.

Here are some tips to ensure top notch quality in the translated content :-

  • Adhering to Client’s requirements

Since each customer is unique, a translation agency in the UAE must be able to adjust to their demands, especially after the translation project has been approved. Has your client emphasized the significance of employing a particular vocabulary? Have they provided you with the file types your client requires? Has he or she asked for a confidentiality agreement because they value confidentiality and secure data transfer? If the answer is yes, then as a component of effective quality control in a translation, you must meet all of those requirements.

  • Run a fact Check

Make sure the information you give to your client matches what they gave you by carefully reviewing your translation. Common errors include employing inconsistent wording when referring to the same functions and features, numerical incompatibilities, and inaccurate button name translations. Due to a lack of Quality control tests, all of the above issues may result in a machine performing incorrectly.

  • Ensuring correct linguistic protocols

Linguistic errors should be fixed during Quality checks as well because they might obscure or even prevent the intended message from being understood. Grammar errors, misspellings, and inappropriate terminology can prevent a product or service from serving its intended function, which is what a quality control check is supposed to ensure.

  • Ensure correct formatting

When working with translation files, every translator has encountered some sort of format-related issues. Due to compatibility difficulties, office formats can frequently present complications for translators. When exporting the translation, hidden text in the file can occasionally cause issues. If you didn’t correct the problems before sending the files to your client, it would be a clear sign that your quality control system is lacking, and your client will probably not be pleased.

A project does not require an additional step for good quality control in translation. It comes naturally with translating. In order to maintain the highest levels of quality, certified translation company in Dubai only give the translations after stringent Quality Control tests. Failure to commit to it can have serious implications.

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