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Medical Translation Services in JLT Dubai

Today, the medical field is one of the most important in the world. Everyday doctors and researchers are dedicatedly looking for ways to cure life-threatening diseases by inventing medical devices and drugs. But not all research findings, or innovations are shared in a language understood in every nook and cranny of the world. Each researcher writes his thesis in his own native language, or English, at the most, making it difficult for the news of breakthroughs to reach all the people across the globe who are immersed in medical research and development. It is to facilitate this access to information for all who need it that companies like QTS-DMCC helps the medical world translate all papers and documents accurately into various languages of the world, including Arabic. Also, we are the top Medical translation company in JLT Dubai.


The most accurate medical translation at QTS-DMCC

At Quality Translation Services DMCC, medical translation in Dubai deals with almost all the areas of the medical field. Medical translation in Dubai, that we do, also includes translation of information about pharmaceutical products and its compositions, information and manuals about medical devices, patients’ medical reports and doctor’s notes, and also research findings. By providing certified translation services nearby, in and around JLT Dubai zones, we believe we are helping healthcare providers give the necessary treatment to patients and care for even those who don’t speak the native language well enough. Our translation and interpretation services are the only way they can communicate for a better health.
Doctors have patients who don’t speak their language, medical histories of patients are often written in foreign languages, medical records are not in English or a language familiar to the doctor treating the patient – these are some of the reasons why people come to us for medical translation services in JLT Dubai.

We provide accurate medical translation

A medical translator cannot afford even a single error – as it could become life-threatening. This is why we have chosen our medical translators with utmost care, and have set the translation benchmarks really high. Our medical translators are experts in the field of medicine, apart from being native speakers of the language. They face the challenges that can stump any usual medical translator with the utmost ease as they never let a wrongly interpreted word reach the client. Our team of experts proofread and cross check even the minutest words, and also go over dosages, information about over-the-counter drugs, and diagnosis reports.
We, at QTS-DMCC, understand the harm a wrongly translated word could cause, and therefore, our team of expert editors perform multiple checks at various levels before the translated document reaches the client. That is the reason why we are the number one certified medical translation company in JLT Dubai. Our medical translators are qualified enough to be able to vouch for the accuracy of their translations – they provide a signed document certifying the same to the client, too.

We have skilled medical translators

Our team of expert medical translators have ample knowledge about various aspects of the field of medicine. Some of them are pharmacologists, biochemists, and physicians themselves, and bring their medical expertise to the translation table. They are also expert linguists, who are well-versed with medical terminologies that help them accurately translate medical records, drug compositions, user manuals of complicated devices and more.

We have a long list of happy clients

Our testimonial is our long client-list. At QTS-DMCC, we know that not only Arabic to English translations are of prime importance in the medical field, but that medical information can be demanded by anyone in the 50-plus languages we translate documents into. The fact that we also provide legal translation services nearby helps us understand the legal requirements if any, pertaining to the medical field. With the best talents in the world working for us, we offer certified translation services nearby to high-profile government officials, corporate honchos, businessmen, and those seeking medical help in various parts of the world, too.
In all aspects we maintain the highest quality, and this is what makes us the best certified medical translation company in JLT Dubai.

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