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Liaison Interpretation Services in Dubai

Sometimes, it’s not possible to go for a formalised translation/interpretation services in Dubai during business. The reasons could be many – space crunch, lack of amenities, the client not wanting to make it obvious, etc., – it is at such times that liaison interpretation service in Dubai and JLT comes in handy. Liaison interpretation is a very informal way of interpreting what someone is saying in a foreign language, and stating the same to an individual or a very small group of people. Liaison interpretation service in Dubai and JLT are usually used for visiting delegations, or business meetings where the number of officials isless. The interpreter also accompanies the delegation, and as and when required, interprets what is spoken.


Liaison interpretation at Quality Translation Services DMCC

We have a team of expert liaison interpreters who are very capable of handling all kinds of situations, and translate even in the most challenging circumstances. We offer Arabic Interpretation and a host of other languages, and undertake liaison interpretation, among others, fordelegates that come for negotiations, for site visits, for business deals, tourists, and more. Whether walking, sitting or standing, our interpreters always concentrate on what is being spoken, and therefore, are able to interpret every word spoken, without missing anything. We know that in all aspects of our lives, communication is the key to success and so, ensure we do our job accurately and efficiently. That’s why we are known as the number one Interpretation service provider in Dubai.

Why QTS-DMCC has the best interpreters

Going by the current demand for interpreters, we have put together an expert team that’s well-versed with all types of interpretation. Ours is a global network of expert linguist’s adept at providing interpreting services at all kinds of environments. This is why QTS-DMCC’s liaison interpretation service is one of the most sought-after corporates as well as dignitaries. We have trained our experts with the various facets of interpretation, and so, not only are they native speakers of two or more languages, they are also very well-versed with a spectrum of subjects ranging from politics to sports to cultural events. They are quick to comprehend each and every nuanced cultural reference even in spoken dialects. They are unobtrusive, quick and accurate.

QTS-DMCC interpretation services

We, atQTS-DMCC understand that the task of our experts is to provide complete communication packages to our clients. Our skilled team works with people from all walks of life, and because we are a multi commodities centre, we also do translation along with interpretation for judicial hearings, lawyers and clients, corporate and diplomatic gatherings, sight-seeing groups, government liaison agencies, and more. We allot the liaison interpreters the job – they are professionals and customer satisfaction are their goal. They excel in effective communication, and use simple language to help the client and his target audience connect beyond the barriers of language. It is because they often have to accompany clients to various high-profile events that we ensure our liaison interpreters are smart and erudite. This is one of the main reasons why we are the best interpretation agency nearby.

Our interpretation services in UAE are well-respected and we have a reputation that has been consistent over decades. Our happy clients stand testimony to the fact that we add value and meaning to their businesses, as we set our benchmarks quite high. We offer the best in interpretation and translation, along with a plethora of other services at very nominal rates. We believe in letting our work do the talking, and therefore, do our best to customise our packages to suit the client’s needs. Call us today for any clarifications.

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