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Simultaneous Interpretation Services in Dubai

There are various types of Interpretation services in Dubai – and at QTS-DMCC, we handle all of them. Among them all, simultaneous interpretation is the most difficult. While in consecutive interpretation, the interpreter listens to what the speaker is saying, takes down notes and repeats the same thing in the second language for everyone to understand, in simultaneous interpretation, the translation has to go hand-in-hand and happens real-time. QTS-DMCC offers professional simultaneous interpretation for a variety of small and large, live events.


We offer the best simultaneous interpretation service in Dubai

Our services pan into Arabic Interpretation and a host of other languages, too. Our expert translators are quite adept at delivering what is asked of them, and can convert what the speaker is saying into a foreign language required by the client real-time, without disrupting the flow of the speaker’s words or of the event. The audience is able to grasp what the speaker is saying almost immediately, adding to the value of the words being spoken.

Our interpreters are professional

We provide top simultaneous interpretation service in Dubai and JLT. Our interpreters are highly trained and qualified to handle various topics ranging from medicine to IT and marketing. They know how to conduct themselves in official and formal settings and are quite careful of the client’s reputation at all times, when on the job. They can listen, analyse and produce what’s being spoken live in a fraction of a second accurately. They understand the cultural nuances and ethnic references and accordingly use words, in fact, many of our interpreters are so skilled that they can even anticipate what the speaker might say in many cases. They are also trained to respond without reacting, and remain calm under pressure.

The interpreters of Quality Translation Services DMCC are accurate and fast

What makes us top interpretation services in UAE is the fact that our clients are extremely happy with our simultaneous interpretation services. We have a long list of high-profile clients who come back to us time and again for simultaneous interpretation service in Dubai and JLT. Also, being a multi commodities center, we at QTS-DMCC are able to handle all our clients’ specific demands and provide them with tailor-made communication packages that serve all their needs. From tourists to business honchos, politicians to live-event organizers use our services.

We handle all interpretation demands

Not only do we handle all kinds of interpretation assignments, we also successfully handle our clients’ requirements for last-minute additions and inclusions of translation works. We understand that in the world of business, often last-minute urgent work may crop up. And so, we are available to our client’s night and day. We assign a project manager to each job, and he or she get in touch with the client, hold meetings to understand all the customer’s requirements and custom-design communications solutions for them. This helps them reach their target audience effectively and efficiently. In the world of language translations, where simultaneous interpretation is considered the most demanding, our expert linguists and interpreters win over with their excellent language skills, professional demeanour, and fluency in languages as well as the subject matter at hand.

Quality Translation Services DMCC excels in simultaneous interpretation

We are the best interpretation agency nearby because we also provide equipment and other tools that help the client communicate efficiently. Simultaneous interpreting requires tremendous concentration, and we often keep backup experts so as to be alert to what is being spoken live. The clients, therefore, can be ensured of a glitch-free interpretation service from our end all the time, every time. So, just look us up and contact us for first class services at very nominal rates.

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