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Certificate Translation Services in JLT Dubai

What is certificate Translation? Certificates are proof of our talent, of our achievements and milestones in life. They are written documentations of us having participated in various life-changing events or competitions, of winning awards and accolades. So, anything that we do in life, is in some way or the other defined by the certificates we have amassed in our lives. If students want to go for higher education, they need their marks certificate, if someone wants to travel, they need a birth certificate, and so on. But then, in some nations in the world, you need to present these certificates in their regional language to be accepted officially. This is what brings people to companies such as Quality Translation Service-DMCC, which offers the best legal translation services in Dubai-JLT, for certificates translation.


At Quality Translation Services DMCC, its accuracy guaranteed

Ranging from academic and vocational qualification certificates to socio-legal documents such as marriage certificates, QTS-DMCC translates them all – from English to Arabic, Arabic to English and to over 50+ languages spoken across the globe. There are many certificate translations services nearby, but we are the best because we can provide accurate translation within the shortest span of time. We are also certified, so were you to look for a ‘certifiedtranslation company near me’ on the internet, you will find us easily. Our network of editors and legal experts, who are also experienced linguists, know the importance of each certificate and therefore, provide the best legal translation in JLT.

The need for certificates translation

These days, with businesses going global, and travelling becoming easier, the world has shrunk, and everyone is working everywhere else. This manpower movement between nations has made it mandatory for employees, businessmen and corporates to present their certificates in the regional language to the local authorities. In many countries, such as the UAE, certificates to be presented must be in the regional language, which, here, is Arabic. For example, you got married in Italy, so your marriage certificate is in Italian, you still need to do a legal translation in JLT into Arabic for the same, for it to be officially accepted in the Dubai-JLT zone.

The same applies to educational and vocational certificates. In fact, some of the legal translation of certificates done the most are for:

The list goes on… you never know what certificate you need to get translated when, and so, the importance of knowing about a certificate translation services nearby, such as QTS-DMCC is essential.

Quality Translation Services DMCC is quality you can trust

There is a reason why we are the top ‘certificate translation near me’ for anyone in the Dubai zone. We have been doing legal translation of certificates for many years now, and are also accredited by the authorities to do so. When a client comes to us with a certificate translation requirement, we ensure it’s handed over to our expert from that region, so that he’s well-versed with the legal nuances of that country. This means minimal revision and efficient turnover time. No translated work is given back to the client without it being proofread and error-proofed.

We also do all kinds of legal translation in JLT and Dubai region; and apart from certificate translation services in Dubai-JLT, we also undertake interpretation work. In short, QTS-DMCC is a one-stop solution for all your communication needs. So, whether you are readying for a university exchange programme, moving to a new country and seeking immigration papers translation or certified translation services for your educational certificates and other legal documents, just look for certificate translation services nearby and come to us.

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