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Attestation Services in JLT Dubai

Dubai, as you know, is one of the most excellent cosmopolitan cities of the world. The city provides first class lifestyle, with all the amenities. This is why people from all over the world clamour to come to Dubai and experience the life here. Be it students for higher studies, businessmen looking to expand their network, corporates, and job-seekers, they all come to Dubai looking for a bright future. It is quite natural then, that for college admissions, job, permissions to set up business, etc., various certified official documents need to be presented before the UAE government officials. Attested documents alone are considered official proof of its authenticity. There are two types of attestations – one that is done by the UAE government officials, and the other, brought in by those who come to the UAE for various purposes, and therefore have been attested by the countries of their origin.
But at Quality Translation Services DMCC, apart from just translations, we provide attestation services for our customer on a turnkey basis. This means you tell us what documents need to be attested, and we will do the rest for you – from start to finish.


Attestation services at Quality Translation Services DMCC

At QTS-DMCC, we focus on serving our customers in the best possible way. Providing attestation services in Dubai and JLT is one of our high-end services that many of our customers come for. We are one of the best attestation services company in the Dubai and JLT zones, and are reputed for providing top-notch services along with prompt solutions. We understand that our clients require attestation of documents right through the year for various official purposes, and therefore, always have a team of expert professionals ready to take up the projects. Out team that provides attestation services nearby is a young, highly experienced team that has contacts in high government and judicial offices. They are a part of a robust network that keeps abreast of all the latest developments and procedures. So, whether it is for individuals or large corporate houses, we are able to undertake all the attestation requirements.

What makes QTS-DMCC the best attestation services in Dubai

Since our inception, attestation services have been our forte. We are aware of all the procedures involved in getting documents attested for various requirements. So, if there is a requirement for translation of an attested document from another language to Arabic or vice-versa, or writing out a document from scratch and then getting it attested, we do them all. We also come up with complete attestation solutions for companies – taking on all their attestation work on contract basis. We are quite noted for this, and many well-known companies worldwide have acknowledged our excellent service. We provide certified attestation services, and so, you can rest assured that all the necessary paperwork will be taken care of in a highly professional manner, ensuring that your documents get accepted in government offices promptly. We are 100% accurate, efficient, and always meet the deadlines promised to the clients. We are proud to say that this has earned us the most coveted reputation of being the best attestation services company in Dubai and JLT zones.

Attestation services and procedures

QTS-DMCC goes about the all the requirements of attestation services in a step-by-step manner. We begin by focusing on the documentation and paperwork involved. Then we go forward with the authentication and legalization of the documents. The project manager first looks at the type of document – whether it is from individuals, corporate or government agencies, and also looks at the requirements of the client. Then there is a meeting with the client – where all the relevant details are taken. And then, the expert team at QTS-DMCC gets to work – and delivers fast, reliable and also most efficient attestation service. We also ensure that all the documents attested by our certified experts are up to the mark – they are tested by our seniors for accuracy.

Excellent customer care at Quality Translation Services DMCC

We understand the stress involved in dealing with various government agencies and judicial officials when it comes to attestation of documents. And therefore, we take great care to assure our clients of what we are doing. Our team is friendly and courteous, and our customer care representatives keep the clients informed about all the developments of the attestation procedures, thereby allowing you to do other things that require your attention. Our team is trained for handling all types of documents for attestation and fulfilling all the clients’ customized requirements quite efficiently.
At Quality Translation Services-DMCC, we provide excellent documentation and translations of attested documents as well. We are quick, exact and provide value for money.

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