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Legal Translation Services in Dubai

Why does one need legal translation? What are the areas where certified legal translation is of importance? Well, it doesn’t matter what language your original documents are – even if it is in English, most government offices in Dubai officially accept only documents that are in Arabic. And so, a legal translation center like Quality Translation Services DMCC can make your work much easier because we have been in this business for over a decade and know all the norms and rules. We are also accredited and authorized by all government and judicial offices as the certified legal translation services in Dubai. Now, you might think, ‘why can’t I have it done by a colleague or a friend?’. That would end up in you having to go for multiple revisions of your documents and your work getting delayed because legal translation is very specialized work and the one who translates must possess an in-depth knowledge of the local rules and laws. So, if you come to us right in the beginning, it will save you time and money.

Quality Translation Services DMCC – the best legal translation services in JLT Dubai

We’re quite famous when it comes to legal translation nearby the Dubai-JLT region because we are specialists in legal translation and offer our services in over 150 globally spoken languages. Our customers comprise top businessmen from across the globe. They either come to Dubai to do business or are expanding their existing business. So, one of the most in-demand translation services we provide is Arabic to English legal translation as well as English to Arabic, along with translation to and from various other languages.

Our legal translation includes…

  • Accurate legal translation of business documents, papers pertaining to court cases, legal dispute documents, company rules and regulations, notices and professional contracts
  • Since we are proficient in legal matters as well as language, we help them build their case papers efficiently, in a legally accepted manner.

Our translators are the best in Dubai

  • Our translators are hand-picked and come with a vast experience in the legal field. They have proven linguistic proficiency, and our editors are also professionally qualified scan legal papers to spot errors.
  •  We are known for our exclusivity with legal translation services in Dubai-JLT– since our clients are elite, we deal with some of the most private documents across the globe. We have set very high benchmarks for ourselves, and offer only the best to the client.
  • We are also certified by the government to provide a stamp of notary to all translated documents, and this means all our translated documents will be accepted by all government and judicial departments as official documents.

Legal translation services in JLT Dubai at DMCC means…

Top-quality work: Only the final, error-proofed, translated document will reach the client. At Quality Translation Services DMCC, we pride ourselves in the translation we offer and so, always maintain that as our top priority. Our translators are consistent, and the team is young and energetic. All our linguists and legal experts are established professionals who come up with accurate, to-the-point translation each time.

Best price: While we maintain a very high of quality, we don’t over-charge our customers. Our prices are quite nominal – you can compare with anyone in the same job as ours and you’ll see we assure you top quality in the shortest possible time at the best price.

Translation in 150+ languages: Not only do we translate various types of documents; we also translate them into all the major globally spoken languages. Documents that require government permissions, marriage and divorce certificates, wills and deeds can also be certified by us. Also, we undertake all types of documents.

Interpretation services: Quality Translation Services DMCC also offers interpreter services. So, if you need someone with you during complex court hearings or official meetings, to interpret, you can call us.

No delays: If you have any last-minute interpretation requests, translation jobs, we’re always at hand to help. We understand that the corporate world can also have emergencies such as a hastily called meeting; or maybe some court dates have gone awry and you need urgent help… Well, our job is not a 9-5 one – we are there 24*7 for our clients and customers.

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