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Consecutive Interpretation Services in Dubai

Dubai sees many people from various nationalities visiting the place every single day. Many of them come on business, to close deals, for conferences, etc. There are also many here who seek legal counsel, hold meetings with government officials, and so on. That is why interpretation services in Dubai is very important, Especially consecutive interpreting. At QTS-DMCC, we undertake many projects for consecutive interpretation on a daily basis. This type of interpretation is one in which the original speaker says a few sentences, while the interpreter makes notes of what is being said. Once the speaker pauses, he reproduces the same in the language required by the client, so that the target audience can understand what is being spoken in a language that is foreign to them. At QTS-DMCC, we offer consecutive interpretation service in Dubai and JLT – we undertake projects that involve Arabic Interpretation and a host of other languages, too.


Consecutive interpretation services at Quality Translation Services DMCC

We, at QTS-DMCC, understand consecutive interpretation is all about the linguist’s ability to listen understand and reproduce as accurately as possible what was spoken a few seconds ago. That is why we employ only the best interpreters out there. They are professional, efficient, and completely trustworthy (we check their credentials thoroughly before employing them. This is the reason why despite there being many Interpretation services in UAE, we are the best. Our interpreters are skilled and know that their job is not to join in the conversation or react what is being spoken, but to deliver an accurate translation, nuances and all, of what was just spoken.

Our consecutive interpreters are professionals

Our highly skilled interpreters are in great demand right throughout the year. QTS-DMCC is a multi-commodities centre, and so, we are also the top-notch interpretation service provider in Dubai. We have the testimonies of a large number of international clienteles from across a spectrum of industries, who keep returning to us for the same reason. We understand that merely being bilingual is not enough to qualify as a consecutive translator – and so, we put our interpreters through stringent tests on various topics, and also train them once they join us. They are excellent multi-taskers, with awesome shorthand speed. They can remember and reproduce what the speaker has said in a zero-free manner; they are also quite articulate, with an excellent professional vocabulary of words that can easily convey the cultural nuances of what is being spoken. They are up to date with current affairs, history, politics, sports, etc., and can also bring in stylistic elements to the interpretation as and when demanded by the client.

Our interpretation services help you break linguistic barriers

We provide our clients with complete communication packages. We are one step ahead of any interpretation agency nearby, and are equipped to provide tailor-made solutions to every customer’s needs. As a top interpretation service provider in Dubai, we offer consecutive interpretation services, along with other amenities for seminars, speeches, interviews (both live and in-video), legal proceedings as well as corporate meets.

Quality Translation Services DMCC offers value for money

All our clients know that we go the extra mile to help them with urgent demands, and other services. Each client is assigned a specific project manager who is trained to deliver the task at hand. Our seniors ensure that each consecutive interpretation project undertaken by us is executed to complete customer satisfaction. Just look for consecutive interpretation service near me, and you will find out that we also offer the best industry rates. In fact, once you hand over a certain project or event to us for interpretation or translation services, you can rest assured that all your communication needs will be met. You will see that you can remain stress free about you getting what’s on your mind across to your target audience.

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