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Whispering Interpretation Services in Dubai

Whispering interpretation is another form of simultaneous interpretation. Many companies that provide interpretation services in Dubai, also offer whispering interpretation. But the real fact is in finding the one good interpretation service provider in Dubai – someone like Quality Translation Services-DMCC that delivers an artful, yet efficient whispering interpretation services that takes care of your translation needs.


Whispering interpretation at Quality Translation Services DMCC

Usually, whispering interpretation treated as a stop-gap arrangement by interpretation services in UAE – as they do it when they don’t have a full audio equipment set for simultaneous interpretation. But not at QTS-DMCC. We treat whispering interpretation as an art form, where our interpreter uses all his skills to present what is said in a foreign language, to the client without disturbing anyone else. Whispered interpretation is when the interpreter literally whispers the translated sentences into the ears of the client, when a live meeting/event is going on, and the speaker of the original speaker is still saying them. It is a challenging feat, one that requires the best interpreters to be put on the job.

We have the best whispering interpreters

Quality Translation Services- DMCC licensed by Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) and therefore, equipped to handle all the demands of the customers. We know what each of our client wants, as we focus on customer satisfaction 24*7. We understand that whispered interpretation requires someone who is smart, alert linguist who can think on his feet. Our interpreters are agile, quick, and apart from merely knowing two languages, are also experts in various fields of business and socio-cultural studies. They can quickly put two and two together and understand what is being said, including its cultural inferences and contexts. That is why they are able to give a very accurate translation of what is being spoken quickly and efficiently.

When do we suggest whispered interpretation?

Often, when a client comes to us with a last-minute, hurried request for translation of a live event, meeting or conference, etc., we suggest they opt for whispered interpretation as that’s a quick and efficient solution for attending an event where you don’t know what the audio set up is going to be. As the top whispering interpretation service in Dubai and JLT, we know that whispering is a simple, neat interpretation solution short meetings and small gatherings. It can also be used at any location – indoors or outdoors. It doesn’t require soundproof booths or any other audio equipment.

QTS-DMCC interpreters are expert professionals

Our expert interpreters are trained in all kinds of interpretations and they know how to behave in formal scenarios. Especially when it comes to whispered interpretation, they know to be discreet enough and to modulate their voice to low level that’s audible only to our client and does not disturb others present in the meeting or the event. Also, our interpreters are adept at Arabic interpretation and a host of other languages, too. They do not tire easily, and are trained to remain discreetly in the background. It is this grooming of our interpreters, and their talent for multi-lingual interpretation that makes us the best interpretation service provider in Dubai.

We are quick, efficient, and offer value for money

At Quality Translation Services-DMCC, we know that whispering interpreting is easy to organize, but very difficult to execute. And so, we pay special attention to every detail of our customers. Our long list of satisfied customers is testimony to this fact, and makes us the top-notch interpretation agency nearby. In fact, many of our customers come back to us again and again, as they love the way we treat their every demand with utmost care. We also have a host of other translation services, and so, customers find that we are able to offer them complete communication solutions, tailor made to meet their requirements.

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