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Legal Translation Services in JLT Dubai

As technology increases and businesses grow beyond geographical boundaries, translation, legal and otherwise, takes on a vital role. Legal translation itself deals with a vast range of official documents, which are different from judicial and technical translation. It is imperative that we get the legal, cultural, ethno-political tones and nuances right during translation. This is where we, Quality Translation Services DMCC, one of the best legal translation services in JLT-Dubai, can help everyone with accurate and to-the-point translations of all types of documents and material.

At Quality Translation Services DMCC, be it in Dubai, or anywhere across the world, we take great care to understand the context and environment where the client’s businesses are either being established or flourishing, so that we know the exact reason why a client needs a certain document translated. We then check for the cultural nuances, existing laws, and changes therein, if any, and only then, begin with the translation process. This allows us to get the legal translation in Dubai done faster and more efficiently, with our expert translators on the same page as our clients when it comes to clarity on what needs to be translated. This eliminates the need for multiple corrections and revisions, thereby reducing the turnover time for each translation project we undertake.

QTS-DMCC has an enviable list of customers, the who’s who of the business world, and others. Many are from Dubai and its encompassing zones, where we provide first class translation and interpretation services in JLT-Dubai, among other customer-related and in-demand services related to translation. We cater to the needs of both – those in the public eye, and need translations of public documents, as well as those very elite clients, who want us to be discreet and very tight-lipped about their documents.

Quality Translation Services DMCC provides enterprise wide translation solutions for multiple languages, and have a wonder network of specialists hailing from all over the world. We therefore undertake all translation tasks from those dealing with the authority to specialised documents, to those who are at the student level and are seeking immigration, admission, etc. In Dubai and its various zones, the DMCC legal translation center is quite popular, and everyone knows our legal translation company in JLT.


Our Translation Services in Dubai

Legal Translation

A legal translation office in JLT is a critical part of all business deals and transactions, judicial documents such as summons and warrants and official papers relating to budgets, government orders, etc. Most of the translation work that comes our way is that pertaining to government authorities and official documents. It is a serious job, that requires utmost care and dedication by an expert translator so that our clients do not get into any issue with official documentations. We, at DMCC have made quite a name for ourselves as one of the top legal translation company in JLT. For over 10 years now, we have been the go-to name for everyone looking for legal translation in and around Dubai. We has been the byword for top quality in the legal translation sector. This is a legal translation agency nearby that is revered for its success in Dubai as a reputable company trusted by the top legal firms in the UAE. From routine administrative documents such as certifications, corporate statuettes, immigration papers to complicated official judiciary papers, we translate them all to perfection. English to Arabic legal translation, Arabic to English and multiple other languages keeps our team on their toes all day, every day.

Professional Translation

It isn’t only the legal papers that need translation – professional translation in Dubai involves a whole gamut of texts that can be part of educational and referral books, journals and research papers, complicated technical books on coding, and more. Professional translation is quite a risky an complex task because it involves translating an already highly specialized language into a foreign language. This means using various terminologies that are uncommon, and adhering to a writing style that’s quite different from the usual nuances of the language. Technical engineering documents, guides, handbooks, catalogues and instruction booklets, websites, medical documents all fall under this category. Even advertising and marketing materials need special mention here as many advertisements come loaded with regional references. And then, of course, there’s the translating from English to Arabic and vice versa those remittance drafts, official texts, reports, court proceedings, etc. Legal Translation Centre DMCC is a professional outfit that provides highly customized translation and integrated communication solutions from English to Arabic and vice versa, following the same for over 150 languages world over.

License Translation

Often, it is the small things that we miss out on. But did you know, if you are planning to visit the United Arab Emirates for a vacation, or are coming here on a job, and are looking at an extended stay, you need to have your driver’s license translated into Arabic? Here in the UAE, only those driving licences that are translated into the official language of Arabic are recognised, even if you possess an authentic license from your country of origin. If you don’t get this done, you’ll find yourself having to depend on public transport for all your travel needs.Also, while applying for a visa, the embassy will demand a translated copy of the driver's license as a supported document. This conversion is essential because it is based on this that the foreign government can verify the license and grant you the necessary permission.

Interpretation Services

Apart from providing world-class translation in Dubai, DMCC also has the expertise to handle complex communication solutions for their customers. One of the prime requests we get is for simultaneous and consecutive interpretation in English, Arabic, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Turkish and French, along with many other languages spoken globally. Interpretation services in JLT-Dubai trickier than translation because during a live interpretation, the interpreter only gets a few seconds to reproduce accurately what the speaker has said in a foreign language. And during a deferred interpretation session, the interpreter listens to the speaker, and after a certain number of sentences are spoken, reproduces the same for the audience. Needless to say, the interpreter has to be a native speaker of the language and must be able to understand all regional references and nuances immediately to be able to do so. We, at DMCC are one of the top leading interpretation service providers in JLT-Dubai.

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Who We Are

We are the legal translators in Dubai-JLT. The best in business. We understand that Dubai is the hub of many businesses today, and so, some of the best Fortune 500 companies from around the world to do business here, with thousands from around the world coming here on work. And so, we endeavour to be a top-notch translation centre in Dubai-JLT. Our reach, nation-wise knowledge of regional legal systems is incomparable. We soar over our competitors with our large community of professional and certified legal translators. The highest quality work in the fastest time possible – this is our motto, and we follow it diligently. We know the laws: Our forte is our top-notch Legal Translation Services in Dubai, and our deep understanding of the legal content at hand. We have different packages for different segments of customers, and our clients can avail of open, as well as private services.

We have the expertise to deliver the best in the industry, and being in business for so long, we know exactly how each document should be translated for a specific purpose. We know the laws, and whether any changes have been done. We also know that many of the documents we translate are sensitive in nature and are therefore guarded about what we do, and ensure secrecy and security of all the delicate and complicated legal papers and documents that we handle. This is the reason why our clients keep coming back to us time and again.

When our clients use our translated documents to do business and find success in the international market, we feel happy, and a great sense of achievement. Our company offers the best legal translation in Dubai, and our clients are extremely satisfied with the effectively local language communication solutions we provide for them.

We at DMCC, offer our expertise as legal translation services, JLT, and are considered a one-stop resource for all the translation services in Dubai and world over. Years of experience of offering services in 150 languages around the world makes us one-of-a-kind legal translation company in JLTto offer the best at the most economical prices.


QTS is a certified translation Company in Dubai providing unique and competitive advantages that make us your preferred choice:

Expertise in Legal Translation

We have a team of well-educated, robust translators in Dubai, who are native speakers of the language they specialise in. Each one of them has an excellent knowledge of the legal systems of the country they represent, and have real-time experience in translating legal documents ranging from birth and marriage certificates to laws and decrees. , positioning QTS as a brand name for quality and excellence in Translation Services in Dubai. Also, we are authorized as the certified translators for in UAE by the government, embassies of various countries and the immigration authorities.

Translation in 150+ Languages

We cover most of the major, and even the sparsely spoken languages of the world. We have a wide spread network of translators who are proficient in not only the language but also the culture and the ethno-political statuettes of their nations. We, at DMCC, spend considerable time in selecting our linguists, as they are the ones who keep our flag flying high. We ensure we recruit only the best on the job, which is why our translators are known for their excellent linguistic skills, knowledge of drafting legal and technical documents, and news awareness. Our Arabic translators are certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice and any document translated by us automatically becomes an official document in its own right. And so, if you are looking for a legal translation services-JLT, we can help you.

100% Satisfaction

We have a proven track record of impeccable client servicing. DMCC is well-known in JLT-Dubai as being the best translation-Interpretation services in JLT-Dubai. Not only do we consider customer relationship our priority, we even come up with custom-made translation solutions to cater to individual client requirements. Our long list of satisfied clientele shows our dedication to the job at hand – and most of them have also pointed out at our cost-effective legal translation services in Dubai. And since we are committed to maintaining the highest benchmarks of fostering long-term relationships with our customers, we would like to keep it this way.

Quick Turnarounds

We have the expertise and the relevant experience to translate your documents with minimum revisions, and wastage of time – which is why we are known for our quick turnaround time when it comes to translating documents. We respect deadlines – be they yours or ours. And so, if you come to us with an urgent requirement for translation of your documents, rest assured, they will be met with utmost alacrity. Our team of professionals includes translators and interpreters, audio-video experts and editors, and each of them contributes to making our customers feel well-cared for and special. Every translation project we undertake, big or small, our team puts it through the most stringent quality filters before handing the translated document back to the customer.

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