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Driving License Translation in JLT Dubai

In many countries a driving license considered as a legal proof – it is an official document that authorizes you to drive a vehicle in your country of origin, or internationally because you have passed a driving test. But it doesn’t matter which country you hail from, if you have a regional driving license, you have to get the license of the country you are in, to be legally allowed to drive there. In Dubai and its zones, too, getting a driving license is a difficult and time-consuming affair – and it also costs a lot of money. But thankfully, there are certain nation’s licenses that are accepted in Dubai, provided they are translated into Arabic. And this is where we, Quality Translation Services-DMCC, the certified driving license translation in Dubai, step in. We specially help those who come here for business on a packed schedule, get their license translated accurately into Arabic as well as English, so that they can swap their license with a legal and valid UAE driving license. The holder of this license doesn’t have to undergo any costly driving classes or pass any tests. The licenses of all major nations, such as the UK, the USA, France, Italy, Germany, Japan – around 30 major countries that do extensive business in Dubai-JLT or where the UAE citizens go for work or business, can simply be translated into Arabic and used in Dubai.


We do accurate license translation

There are many translation services nearby, but from the consulate letters wherever applicable (if asked for by RTA Dubai) to the translated license, we at Quality Translation Service DMCC provide the best license translation in Dubai. We have a huge list or corporate and business clients who use our facilities for all their employees coming to work in the UAE, and so do individual expatriates coming here for extended stay, holiday, etc. We translate their license documents and permits, and also help with the complete information about what the processes for submission of the same to RTA Dubai are. We are quick, efficient, and available 24×7 to help our clients from our certified license translation office in JLT.

Why should you come to Quality Translation Service DMCC for driving license translation?

A driving license is a document issued by the government and gives the holder many advantages apart from the permission to drive a vehicle. In many cases, it becomes a valid identification card asit contains your personal identification details such as your name, government issued license number, residential address, etc. For the translation, forms have to be filled, applications written and supporting documents to be attached with the request form. Now, as per Dubai government rules, all official documents need to be in Arabic, otherwise they will be rejected by the officials. Quality Translation Service DMCC is certified and recognized as a legal translation services provider by the government. We are well-versed with rules and regulations and this helps us accurately translate and get the documents required in perfect order for our clients. Be it Arabic, or any other of the 50+ languages spoken in major nations of the world, our experts can get the translation done quickly. So just look up ‘translation near me’ on the internet, and you’ll find us.

Legal acceptance of our translated documents

Once you come to us for, by looking for‘legal translation near me’ regarding driving license translation, you can relax. We will do a very knowledgeable job, at the best price, with minimal need for any time-consuming revision. Once you get your documents translated at license translation center QTS-DMCC, there will be no sudden issues with the foreign or Arabic government officials and authorities. We have a team of expert, very highly qualified translators who are also well-versed with the laws who will take up your job and ensure that a perfectly translated copy of your license is in your hands within the shortest span of time. We also ensure confidentiality of all sensitive information and documents.

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