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Proofreading & Editing Services in JLT Dubai

Every translated document is only as good as its adherence to the original work. So, a translation service provider in Dubai and JLT must also be willing to provide you with editing and proof-reading services. And this is not only for their own work, but also for correcting/enhancing the works undertaken by others – the ones that the client wants corrected and perfected.
At Quality Translation Services-DMCC, we have the talent pool and the wherewithal to undertake editing and proof-reading services for various types of documents ranging from the legal and technical to IT, science, judicial and educational documents. As a certified legal translation company in Dubai, we promise accuracy of every word we translate, and so, we are very particular about the correctness of every document we translate. We have employed certified editing professionals who have the requisite educational and professional expertise in the legal field.


Why do you need proof reading of the document?

Many of our clients as us this question before becoming a fan of our editing and proof-reading services. It doesn’t matter how accurately the first cut of a translated document is, it requires proof reading at various levels. Take for instance, a translated document. You have seen it overall, but it being a foreign language, you are not really aware of the crux of the language. This necessitates that someone pays attention to the following things:

  • Grammar and Syntax: Often the order of the words, verb tenses, sentence structure and placement of articles differ in foreign languages.
  • Regional preferences: The cultural and ethnical usage of words in foreign languages – whether they are aptly placed/translated or not.
  • Legal nuances: Translation of legal documents, and interpretation of various nations’ laws are some of the trickiest translations ever.
  • Spelling: Typos are frowned upon, especially in judicial and official papers. So, correcting spelling mistakes, hyphenations, etc is very important.
  • Translator’s doubts: Often, while translating, the linguists have doubts about the contextual reference to certain phrases, etc. These need to be addressed at the proof-reading stage and corrected.
  • Style and tone: Language tone, voice, usage of phrases, etc
  • Implied conventions: This is especially applicable in academic writing, where there are specified rules for usage of acronyms, abbreviations, equations, numbers, and other things.

Our proof-reading services are the best

At QTS-DMCC, we readily edit and proofread till we are sure the translated document is perfect to the best of our efforts. It might sound like a tedious process, you have deadlines, and therefore, would like a quick work of the document. But for us, once we give you an error-free document, it’s a job well done. And we can be assured that as the best translation service company nearby Dubai, we have ensured the acceptance of your document with the official authorities. And so, as your legal translation services provider, we go all out to perfect your document with multiple levels of editing and proofreading in quick succession.

We are certified and authorized to proof read and attest

QTS-DMCC is authorised by the UAE government to certify and attest a translated document as a true copy. This means, our quality and consistency of zero-error translation is the highest. We can assure you we will be your certified language partner in every sense. This means you can outsource all your translation work to us – be it legal translation services, documentation services, communication and interpretation solutions, editing and proof reading and more. And we provide all these services in over 150 globally spoken languages. And all this, at the best rates in the market.

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