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Marketing Translation Services in Dubai

Marketing is the key to doing business these days. It doesn’t matter whether you are selling a pin or a plane – unless you market your wares, you cannot sell. The market is already full of products – both wanted and unwanted. For each product you search for, there are 10 of the same available out there – if you are a buyer, this can leave you confused. Especially if you are trying to buy or sell something in a foreign country. Don’t you wish there was some brochure or something that explained in your mother tongue what the features of the product were? This is where companies like QTS-DMCC come in handy, by providing quality marketing translation in Dubai.


What is Marketing Translation

Marketing translation in Dubai is all about reaching the target audience using words to sell your wares, right? People understand what your product is about only by considering the marketing material at their disposal. This is why marketing plays a pivotal role in introducing new products in the market, talking about its USP and special services and thereby, creating a demand for the same. Getting across the core message is the key. Therefore, when you try to sell your product in a foreign land, you need to localise your marketing pitch, by using the local dialect, so that everyone can understand what is being said. QTS-DMCC is one of the top companies offering marketing translation in Dubai.

Why Quality Translation Services-DMCC is one of the best marketing translation companies in Dubai-JLT

Unless marketing translation is very accurate and builds in local nuances and regional references, the core philosophy behind the product can get lost in translation. That is why marketing translation services takes a lot of time and effort. At Quality Translation Services-DMCC, the translator goes through the marketing material over and over again, and also holds in depth consultation with the client to understand clearly, the intended message behind the jargon and the brand’s strengths. This helps our expert translators localize the content in the most accurate manner. Also, since marketing itself is a tricky thing, we ensure our linguists also have considerable experience in translating marketing content as well as keep a keen watch over the happenings in the business world. Their knowledge of marketing and business comes in handy when translating advertising content

QTS-DMCC is professional, and can translate a variety of documents

Just look for translation services nearby and come to our team of translators – they have prior experience in working with many advertising agencies, and marketing departments of multinationals. Our expert translator, therefore, know how to translate to Arabic and over 150 languages world over, advertising copy that closely follows the original without losing its local nuances and also promotes the brand. In short, our translation services nearby can engage the target consumers, and hold their attention.

Our linguists get the message across neatly

We know that the purpose of marketing translation in Dubai-JLT zone is to drive business by supporting sales. So, we ensure we always engage only the best linguists for this purpose – and those native speakers of various major languages world over. Apart from being a part of our network, they all actively work as copywriters, ad-jingle creators, etc in reputed organizations. They bring a wealth of experience to our translation services on Dubai-JLT and translation nearby. QTS-DMCC has already worked with many leading multinational companies around the world, localizing marketing communications in over 150 languages. Our team works in close association with you – and gives you a very creative communication solution that will help you achieve all your marketing goals easily.

From a marketing questionnaire, to complete corporate websites, to product descriptions and advertising jingles, our tailor-made marketing translation services in Dubai-JLT zone is one of the most effective and culturally sensitive translations in this part of the world. We also help you come up with fresh content in the language of your choice, once you give us the basic idea in the language you are comfortable in. We assign each project to a dedicated project manager, who will take care of all your translation requirements.

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