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To expand your business in Dubai, it is pivotal to hire the best translation company. This makes communication with locals in the area accurate and easy. It also adheres to the UAE’s guidelines where every legal document including driving license and litigation documents needs to be translated into Arabic before being presented to any legal authority.

Running a quick google search for “legal translation near me or “Arabic translation near me” is guaranteed to give you a list of results.

But how do you filter through them and choose the legal translation office in Dubai that meets your translation needs?

Here is a set of tips to keep in mind to understand how to manage Arabic translation in Dubai

  • Customer Service

Translation services in Dubai are known for their top-notch customer service. Always check if the translation company offers customer service in more than 50+ languages. Ensure that you do a background check on the company’s morale to check the efficiency of the customer service offered.

  • Confidentiality

Translation documents about a business are prone to contain highly sensitive intelligence information. This factor pushes the need for the translation service to offer facilities such as signed NDAs to ensure the safety of the document. It is pivotal that your documents must be stored in a secure location that prohibits outsourcing of work to other branches. Make sure that you select a legal translation company in Dubai that facilitates a one-point communication of documents. This factor makes sure that all the information regarding the documents and the individual is stored in the same place and prevents any potential data leaks.

  • Time of delivery

Being punctual creates a foundation of dependability on any company. Thus, the concept of punctuality forms a structural pillar in crafting the company’s reputation. Adhering to fixed deadlines not only shows the discipline of the linguists but also showcases the morale of the company and its commitments to the projects and services offered.

  • Automation

We live in a world where technology goes hand in hand with the progress of any business. The same thing can be said about how translation companies in Dubai work. You should ensure that you choose an office in Dubai that integrates manual and technical labor equally. The best legal translation company will have translation memories built into them to ensure error-free translation. CAT tools will also be implemented to aid repetitive translation work in a tightly scheduled environment.

  • Certification

Certification acts as a badge of authenticity for a translation company when it comes to ensuring the quality of translation. Certification is provided to companies that follow a 3 EYE TIP protocol for project delivery. This form of structure ensures that a multidisciplinary team works on the project to deliver high-caliber translation.


Finding a quality translation service in Dubai is challenging mainly because of all the choices offered to you during your search but once you understand how to manage them through the guide given above, finding the company for your requirements can be done easily. So start your translation journey right now!

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