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To do business with clients worldwide, you need to prepare various legal contracts. Legal translation can ensure the documents are correct and all stakeholders can clearly understand their meaning. This use of documents in an overseas jurisdiction emphasizes the requirement for legal translation services.

Due to the legal consequences and effects of such confidential files, the legal translation services in Dubai need to be licensed and certified from a legitimate authority. Such certifications can include ISO certifications such as ISO 17100:2015, EN 15038, or other standards in international quality.

Let us dive a little deeper to understand why a translation company needs to be a committed, dedicated and passionate legal translator that has the requisite licenses with the necessary certifications.

  • Ensures Quality and Quantitative Standards

A single change in sentence structure or punctuation, in a legal document, could change the meaning of the whole document. It is often a concerning scenario. Mistranslation of a reputation or identity may result in legal action or, in the worst-case situation, court appearances. These capacity errors might cost you monetary losses and extended time within the courtrooms. The ISO certifications are an acceptable and accurate mirrored image of the service provider. They also ensure that there is no room for errors.

  • Parameter of Consistency and Accuracy

Accuracy is paramount in translating legal documents. Even though translation majorly depends on the translator’s quality check, it is not guaranteed that it will meet the international standards. ISO certifications assure that the legal translation agency in Dubai deploys professional translators and follows rigorous translation workflows. In this way, you get accurate and consistently translated documents when faced with litigation.

  • Data Confidentiality

When selecting a legal translation office in Dubai, it is vital to realize the steps the company or translator has taken to guarantee the protection and confidentiality of your data.

Furthermore, the company or translator has to offer a steady confidentiality agreement for keeping the documents. Electronic storage and transfer may be potentially risky. That is because the data can get leaked if the necessary measures are not adhered to in advance.

An ISO certification authority verifies the stature of the company and issues the certification only after vigorous verification. Hence, you can be confident about handing over your details to the certified companies.

Concluding Statement

So, ultimately what difference would a certified legal translation company in Dubai make?

If you submit a certified translated copy, it makes sure that it is an accurate and truthful representation of the document. Hence, it is a universal rule that you should get an ISO certified translation company if you are required to submit legal documents such as different certificates, court transcripts, service agreements, etc.

A translation that’s certified provides a legitimate and verifiable legal record. That is often precisely why government and legal bodies require certified translations to be submitted.

Therefore, we advise you to use legal translation services only from a certified translator.

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