Why Legal Translation Occupies Important Space in JLT & Dubai

It’s not easy to understand legalese – especially if you don’t belong to the legal field. But still, for many things in life, right from getting your certificates attested to starting a new business to working abroad, you need legal help. Legal translation in Dubai and JLT takes on added importance because they are the hubs of international and local business in the UAE. This is where legal translation centers nearby, such as Quality Translation Services DMCC becomes important. Especially if you are a foreign national in Dubai, or anywhere in the Middle East, you need all your business and personal documents translated to Arabic because the official authorities and the local law demands that all legal papers be presented to them in Arabic for verification.

What areas need legal translation in Dubai?
Every single area, Legal translation in Dubai and JLT is needed in all areas of business documentation, immigration, education, death and birth certification, judicial papers, divorce notices, driving license – you name it, it’s got to be translated into Arabic from English or vice-versa. And you cannot do this yourself, because let alone Arabic, legal jargon in Arabic, including its cultural and socio-ethnic nuances is not an easy thing to master. Therefore, it’s best to hand over your requirements to a certified legal translation service provider nearby – like QTS-DMCC, that can undertake all the translation works you might need, be it to set up a business, go abroad or get involved in legal matters. Quality Translation Services-DMCC has years of experience, and has been translating legal as well as all other types of documents into over 150 languages spoken globally for decades.

legal translation in jlt dubai

Why hiring a certified agency is the best solution
There are many translators in Dubai and JLT – thanks to the rising demand. But before you hire the services of one, ensure they have a good standing with their existing customers, have a reputation, and are also certified to be translating legal documents. QTS-DMCC, for instance, is authorized by the local authorities to even attest legal documents. The other thing to look for is that the agency you hire has a posse of expert linguists who are also well-versed with the law, and other technical subjects. This is of prime importance because multiple revisions and rejections of the translated documents by the authorities lead to loss of money and waste of time, not to mention embarrassment and stress, for you. So, best to go with a translation service provider nearby who can churn out zero-error translation at the shortest possible time.

Things that require legal translation in Dubai and JLT
• Immigration, certification: People migrating to and from Dubai will definitely not be familiar with international laws. So, certified legal translators like QTS-DMCC help with that in Dubai and JLT.
• Business and Marketing: For all official usage purposes, communicating with a team of foreign nationals can become tedious without the help of qualified translators and interpreters.
• Intellectual Property: If you are planning to set up a business in a foreign country or planning to expand your horizon, you might need this in multiple languages.
• Contracts, corporate documentation, judicial documents: To get the stipulations, rules and regulations across to the other party, it’s necessary to present them with the contracts in the language they are familiar with.
These are only a few, and not the complete list of what requires legal translation. And it is because of these that legal translation occupies a prime important position in Dubai & JLT. So, be sure to avail the services of the best legal translation service provider in Dubai & JLT immediately.