What is The Importance of a Legal Translation Company in JLT Dubai?

One can easily say that one of the most important service companies in Dubai and JLT zones today, is translation service. With Dubai becoming a bee hive for everyone from businessmen to students to tourists, translation plays a crucial role in facilitating ease of living in the state for those from foreign shores. That is the reason why so many translation service providers are mushrooming all over the United Arab Emirates (UAE) at such a fast pace.
Also, technology has brought everyone across the globe closer to each other, making almost everything possible. As a result, far flung companies are opening branches in Dubai, students are coming over to study, people are coming here seeking, and finding, good jobs. The same is true for people going out of Dubai for various reasons, too. And of course, Dubai has always been a tourist hotspot. But what is the one common thing that all of them coming to the UAE seek? The answer is, translation services.

Legal translation in jlt dubai

Why do we need translation services in Dubai? No one can learn all the languages in the world, right? But it is not the same when it comes to official documents and other requirements. All official documents, to be presented to the government of the UAE needs to be in Arabic. Also, many countries demand official documents in their native languages. This makes translation services one of the most important one in Dubai and JLT. Apart from this, a good translation service company such as QTS-DMCC can actually relieve you of all your communication stress by enabling your interaction with government agencies, and also get through to those in the fields of commerce, science, education, trade, business and IT quite easily.

What crucial areas of life in Dubai are affected by translation services?

Visa/immigration: Visa/immigration: Dubai is one of the most visited places on earth, and at the same time, many from Dubai also travel to other parts of the world. In either case, you need the services of a certified legal translation company, like QTS-DMCC to help you process official documents required for visa, etc, one also needs the help of a translation company nearby in case of immigration – in fact, this is more complicated and even requires attestation and cultural sensitivity. A translation company that can translate official documents, thesis, manuals, etc, into multiple global languages different languages will just be a boon for you at such a time.

Official communication/manual/software localization: So, you are setting up office in Dubai, but you are not a native to this land. How do you surmount one of the most crucial aspects of making your business a success – communication - here? By hiring a certified translation company that is professional, delivers quality consistently, and delivers it on time. One such company, that’s is renowned for its wide range prompt and accurate translation and interpretation services is QTS-DMCC.

Tourism/cultural exchange: In these days of sharing art, craft and values, it becomes imperative that the whole world speaks a common language of understanding, empathy and peace – and it is the translation service providers that enable this. From song lyrics to subtitling of films, literature, description of famous artworks… all this needs translation into multiple languages so that it can reach a wide target audience. And Dubai, being a cultural hub, also needs translation to showcase its richness to the world.

News that empowers you: It could be anything from a great job opportunity to an amendment in a law or a government order – unless you understand it, cultural nuances and all, how will you be able to implement or follow the same and stay on the right side of the law? Even media houses use translation services to be able to pass on accurate information to the masses.

Legal documents: And last, but not the least, come legal documents. One of the most crucial sectors that definitely need translation services. Every official, judicial documentation in Dubai requires a few basic, and sometimes complicated set of documents to be in Arabic. They include everything from birth, death or marriage certificates, divorce papers, driving licence, and more. Needless to say, even a single translation mistake in these can lead to them being rejected and embarrassment. So, understanding legal documents and procedures, and translating the same needs the services of an expert translation service company – one like QTS-DMCC.
So then, now you know why translation services form a part of the essential services in Dubai?

Legal Translation in JLT Dubai