What are the Highlights of a Good Translation Company?

So, for various reasons, be they business related or personal, you need the services of a good translation company in Dubai-JLT zone. How do you go about finding the best one? The truth is, because of the rising demand for translation jobs, there are many players out there. But not all of them deliver on the promises made. It is therefore, your responsibility to do some basic research and figure out who is the best in business. Google search is always helpful, and certified translation professionals such as QTS-DMCC will come up right at the top of the search. But still, look for yourself, we say! Make a checklist of the following parameters of a good, professional translation service provider, and tick off each of the subheads before hiring one:

A professional translation company is multi-dimensional
A translation company is one that is equipped to handle everything from translation of documents to website translation, interpretation and subtitling to allied services such as attestation and certification. If you look at a translation company in Dubai such as Quality Translation Services DMCC, you will find that they have a multi-dimensional approach to translation. Apart from providing translation services of all types, right from judicial to immigration to marriage certificate translation, they also have interpretation services – making their company a total communication services solutions one. Apart from this, a top professional translation will also habitually offer:

legal translation in dubai

1. Visual Context
Once the translation is done, a professional translator or linguist must check how the translated copy would look in print, or whether the translated word count will fit into your website design. They also check for the application compatibility of that particular piece of translation. So a trained linguist should also have a keen eye for design, and suggest visual breaks such as picture, collages, etc., wherever applicable, to up the value of the translated document.

2. Data Analytics
A smart translation company in Dubai today must possess data analysis tools to be able to quantify and qualify their work. Analytics will help you measure spending against profit, and also assess the veracity of the translated words/documents.

3. Translation Time Management
What impacts a good translation job done the most? Accurate translation in the least possible time, with minimal errors and need for revisions, right? Any translation company worth its words knows the importance of maintaining this efficiency to attract customer with value-added services. And that can be possible only when the time allotted for a certain project is efficiently used and the service provider also adheres to deadlines. Internal quality checks email correspondence… all these bottlenecks would be cleared automatically.

4. Translation Memory Bank
When translators just like you want your translators to have the capability to tap into the most recent documents, you want your translators to be able to access the most refined content.
Translation memory is your brand's ever-growing database of all previously translated content. Every time a new string is translated, the source and translated text will be entered into your translation memory database for quick access later.

Obvious benefits include: Translation cost-savings (the more you translate, the less you have to translate in the future!)
Faster time to market and project turnaround
Translation quality improvement
Translation Memory enables your translators to save time, which in effect saves you money. Amazing!