7 Tips to Select Best Legal Translation Company in JLT & Dubai

With Dubai becoming a pivotal touchpoint for many businessmen, tourists, students and jobseekers, translation services are quite sought after here. And when there’s money involved, there are plenty of people ready to do the job. But that does not mean you take your legal translation requirements to just about anyone. Do some homework, ask around for the best legal translation company in Dubai, find out if they offer certified legal translation services in JLT and Dubai, and only then hand over your essential documents to them for translation. This apart, there are a few other parameters to look for… So, here are 7 tips on how to select the top legal translation company in JLT and Dubai…

legal translation in jlt dubai

1.       Are they certified? Sometimes, legal documents being returned because of some error in translation or nuanced loopholes can be embarrassing and can even affect one’s professional standing. That is why it’s important to go for a certified legal translation company in Dubai. Such organisations know the ins and outs of the laws, and certain companies, such as Quality Translation Services- DMCC, are deemed certified translators by the government. This in itself ensures acceptance of the translated documents.

2.       Do they specialise in legal translation in Dubai? Accurate translation is critical for conducting business at a high level, where even a single misrepresented word can have far reaching consequences. Therefore, it’s best to go for someone who professionally specialises in legal translation, as they will have in-depth knowledge of the cultural and ethnic nuances of various legal points. If you ask for a good legal translation company in Dubai, you will be directed to the right one.

3.       Will they maintain confidentiality? Again, a very important point. Can the legal translation company you opt for, keep your information secure from data thieves? Since security of top business/political/judicial documents is paramount, you must check if the translation company you opt for is ready to sign a confidentiality clause, or even a non-disclosure agreement for extremely touchy projects.

4.       Is the legal translation company efficient? Speed and accuracy – in short, efficiency – must also be one of the fortes of the legal translation company you choose. Imagine you going with some urgent last-minute job and the translators just cannot finish the project on time! How vexing! Therefore, check out the turnover time of the translators. Ensure they have a history of completing work on time, and of their translators doing an excellent job at all times.

5.       Are they experienced? Experience definitely counts. A company like Quality Translation Services-DMCC, for instance, has over a decade of experience behind it. They have deep knowledge of all legal, corporate, judicial and official documents, and can deliver any project in over 150+ languages quickly. Their translators are native speakers of the language and bring a wealth of experience to the translating table.

6.       Have you done a comparison check? There are many players in the market. Before you zero in on one particular translator, do a comparative study of all the top legal translation company in Dubai and JLT vicinity. What are the services offered? Who is available for you 24*7? Who can accept last-minute requests? Check for quality of work, speed, the money charged for the services… and then make a selection.

7.       Do you know what their clients say? Customers are the best critics. Always check out customer testimonials of the translation company you are planning to go to. Who are their clients? Are their clients happy with the services provided? What do they have to say about the quality of work and efficiency of the translators? Remember, you too will soon be their customer and what the other say, will be your viewpoint as well!

So, that’s it. It’s quite easy to look for a top translation company in Dubai and JLT – for names such as Quality Translation Services-DMCC will always feature in that list. But do make a list of all your doubts and points to be considered and tick each one of them before handing over your documents for translation!

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