7 Steps to Ensure Quality Translation in JLT Dubai

The UAE, and Dubai and the JLT region specifically, is one of the most covered places in the world. The infrastructure, steady economy, business opportunities, lifestyle all draw people to Dubai, which is also recognised as one of the best shopping destinations of the world. Having said that, if you are intending to go to Dubai, either for work or for vacationing, you need to get your documentation right. For, the Ministry of Justice of the UAE recognises any document as ‘authentic’ and ‘official’ if it has the stamp of having been translated by a certified translation center in Dubai.

But then, how do you ensure that you get quality translation services nearby in Dubai and JLT? What can you do to see which is the top translation center in Dubai? Well, the easiest way to do that is, of course, to run an internet search for ‘translation services nearby’ and go for the top companies there, such as Quality Translation Services-DMCC. Translation services in JLT are available dime a dozen, therefore, it becomes important that you select the right organization for your legal translation in Dubai. The other things you can do to ensure you get value-for-money legal translation in Dubai are…

      Spend time discussing the intent of the document you want translated with the translation company. In legal translation center such as QTS-DMCC, they assign a project manager who will ask all the right questions to ascertain your requirements and do the job accordingly. This ensures minimal to zero errors in the first-cut itself, and this saves a lot of time and efforts for both the sides.

      Do extensive homework about what all documents you must get translated – you can speak to a good translation center in advance, to ask about the local rules and laws. For example, QTS-DMCC always takes great pains to explain the nuances of regional law points to their clients, and assures them that they are certified to translate official documents, too. This ensures easier acceptance of the translated documents.

      If you are a businessman who wants to conduct business in the UAE, then do a thorough check of the legalities by getting in touch with a top-notch legal translation centre nearby in JLT. They will tell you all the ins and outs of what legal business and commercial translation is all about. Also, accurate translation is of prime importance for conducting business at high levels, so, it’s best to go for a professional legal translation center in Dubai.

      Do a background check to see what reputation the translation company nearby has… Are they known for maintaining confidentiality? Is the legal translation company updated with the latest security technologies to keep your information secure from data thieves? Are they easily amenable to signing a non-disclosure agreement? These things matter the most – because they show how professional the translation center really is.

      The next thing you need to do, is to look for customer testimonials. Read their comments on the translation company’s website carefully. Are they all talking about the legal translation company’s efficiency, speed and accuracy? Are they happy with the turnover time? Have the translators done an excellent job most of the time? If yes, then it’s a reputed translation company – a brand name such as Quality Translation Services DMCC

      Do a comparative study of all the services offered by at least three translation companies nearby. Like we said before, there are many players in the market – and you need to choose the best. So, looking at what all they do, and the amount they charge for the same will give you a fair idea of what quality of work to expect from whom.

Once you follow all the above tips, and then select a translation company in Dubai and JLT, you can be assured of getting quality services. Alternately, make a list of all that you need to know and call QTS-DMCC – the expert there will explain everything in detail.