5 Things That a Top Translation Company Would Have

A good translator is supposed to ease your stress and facilitate easy communication. If that is not happening, you’re not with the right agency. Having said this, a good translation agency is easy to hire – what’s difficult is zeroing in on the best in business and getting them tailor make a translation solution for you.

So, what are the indicators of a good translation service provider? The first and foremost one is good reputation – ask around, do your homework, run a Google search for the best ‘translation company near me’ and do the basic filtering process. Pick the top five and then begin to whittle the list down to that one agency to whom you want to hand over your business to translate. Now, when you run this basic search, chances are top-notch companies such as Quality Translation Services-DMCC will come right at the top. Go for them – check out the website and the services they offer. As businesses go global, the demand for translation companies has multiplied, resulting in a sudden mushrooming of translation service providers in Dubai and JLT. But only the best can survive competition. So, look for the following traits to figure out a great translation company nearby…

A diverse team of translators and linguists A quality translation agency will have a pool of linguists from all across the globe. They would smart, aware of their subject matter, and native speakers of the language. They would also have relevant experience in translation of documents.

Good with written and oral communication The skills of a good translation agency will show right from the moment you make that enquiring phone call. From the way the representative speaks to you to the way they treat your documents to how they assuage your doubts. In QTS-DMCC, for instance, each customer is assigned a project manager who ensures 100% client satisfaction. When you go to meet them, see if they are listening to you, making a note of your preferences, check out their accent as they speak the language you want your documents translated into. See what promises they make – and whether accuracy and adherence to deadlines are mentioned.

Do they have effective quality control measures? A good translation agency in Dubai and JLT zone will know that planning is critical. If you have a massive workload planned for them, check if they have the workforce and infrastructure to handle your project demands, and whether they will oversee the completion of the translation along with a review and stringent quality control processes. For e.g., do they proofread the translated document before handing it over to you, like the editors in QTS-DMCC do?

How technically advanced they are Do they have the latest software? The best editing and writing tools? Can they easily adapt to your language specifications such as usage of technical words? Does the company provide regular upskilling opportunities to its translation staff? Are they smart and with-it?

Automated quality checks This is a very important factor in consistency of quality work – automated checks ensure that the final translated content is spiffy, polished and finalized before it is handed over to the client. This ensures efficiency, quick turnaround, less time spent on fixing errors and total client satisfaction as automated checks help translators correct spelling, grammatical and numerical errors in a jiffy, and also format the document.

So, as you can see, it is easy to hire any translator for your job as the choices out there are plenty. But if you don’t get yourself a top-notch agency, you’ll probably pay a very expensive price for that. So, take your time, search for the best, and while you are at it, also see if the translation company you are about to hire is accredited to translation associations, government agencies, and other such affiliated organizations. This adds to the credibility of the translation company, and also in many cases, such as with QTS-DMCC, authorizes them to accredit official translations, which ensures that the chances of the translated documents getting accepted by officials is very high.